Thursday, April 12, 2007

And an early renovation photo:

So here is a photo that shows a bit what the new cabinetry looks like and the new lino. Of course the toe-kicks aren't in place yet. It occurs to me that I never mentioned on the blog that we changed our mind about which cabinetry we were buying. The price of the Home Depot hickory cabinetry that we wanted came in at nearly double these alder cabinets. I decided I liked the alder ones pretty well after all! They're built to very nearly the same standards--and we're not a household with 8 kids who slam cupboard doors so I expect these will stand up just fine for as long as we care. The main thing we like about these is the rustic graining which was also a draw on the hickory ones. Of course the grain in alder is different than hickory, but that's okay. We just don't like the fancy select-and-better wood with boring grain. And we're totally NOT an oak household.

Today we're headed out of town for a few days: Jim has his appointment with an Irlen specialist in Calgary Friday morning. We also expect to do the rest of the shopping for the kitchen: the dishwasher, range hood, combo microwave/ toaster oven/ convection oven, drawer pulls, sink and faucet, lighting, etc. The countertop arborite should arrive here while we're gone.

So, in theory, when we get home Monday we should have everything we need to install the countertops, sink and faucets, and then run the new gas line to move the range. Have a good weekend!


Random Walk Writer said...

Cool picture! Can't wait to see all the results.

Becky said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in the CFBA who likes to post more than once. If you have any time, drop by and take the Brandilyn Challenge, Valerie. It was fun to make up.


Becky said...

Well, I guess I posted this comment in the wrong place. Sorry about that. I was thinking it went with the title below it. errggh!


Jean said...

Beautiful! I hope all goes well with the Irlen specialist. I really hope Jim gets the exciting results it sounded like he might be able to achieve.

chrisd said...

That's a gorgeous color. We renovated while I was pregnant and on bedrest with my youngest. That would be a good post.

Anyway, I love the design. Clean and simple and the wood grain is very, very nice.

I never had a machine dishwasher until we redid the kitchen. Still love to listen to it run when I turn it on.

Can't wait to see more.