Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book Tour - Coral Moon

So...last year I read (and talked about) the first book in the Kanner Lake Series called Violet Dawn. (That was the novel that opened with the main character discovering a dead body in her hot tub at night.) Brandilyn Collins has thought of more nasty things to befall the poor citizens of Kanner Lake in this second book, Coral Moon.

Yes, more bodies...but the first one is discovered in the passenger seat of the town's young newspaper reporter (no hot tubs in this story!). Once again Collins takes the reader on a ride with multiple pov characters as we all try to hang on for the twisty ride and figure out whodunit.

This is the third book that I've read by Collins. Even though her signature style of Seatbelt Suspense isn't how I'd brand myself as a reader, I do like how she writes and will doubtless continue to read the Kanner Lake series at least. An innovative marketing (and community building) idea that she's had is the creation of Scenes and Bean, a blog written by readers who auditioned to play the part of Kanner Lake residents.

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