Thursday, April 26, 2007

Family Updates

In the past few days Steven has continued to improve. They removed him from the ventilator on Tuesday (if I remember right; the days are running together around here) and from ICU yesterday, Wednesday. So now he is on a *regular* ward but still in the Calgary hospital. They've started taking him for walks. He's quite enjoying real food even in the form of clear broths and I think ESPECIALLY being able to talk! They expect to keep him there for another week or two but the sun does seem to be shining on Calgary after the darkness of the past couple weeks. You cannot begin to imagine the relief and the prayers of thanksgiving that are being sent heaven-ward.

Of course those aren't our only prayers. I snuck a day off work yesterday to spend with my sisters and my mom at the hospital where she is. She's less alert, less talkative, and less cooperative. About the only thing she was emphatic about was refusing her dinner after only two bites. (She let me feed her the dessert, though--strawberries.)

My niece Karen is on her way, as are her parents who are missionaries in Bolivia. They all expect to arrive late this afternoon. My nephew from California arrived Tuesday night and returns home Saturday. Mom's recognition is approaching iffy and her interest in her visitors seems minor most of the time. Other times she hangs onto my hand (or whoever's) as though her life depends on it. Maybe it does.

Unless the phone rings meanwhile, I plan to go over on the weekend and stay a few days. My sis gave notice on Mom's apartment for the end of May so at least while the sisters are gathered we have something for everyone to do (sort and pack) besides visit at Mom's bedside (with each other as Mom isn't participating.) Of the five of us girls, all but one will be here. The last was here for a couple weeks in February and is trying to decide when to come back. It's hard to know. Mom could hang on for quite awhile, but it looks to me like she's giving up and just waiting for the last goodbyes. I don't know. I could be SO wrong. But that's where it's at.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry things have been so difficult lately. Hang in there - you're not alone.

Random Walk Writer said...

I'm glad to hear about Steven. That is good news.

Hugs for you, your mom, your sisters, and everyone.

EJ said...

Praying! Keep up posted.

chrisd said...

Lord Jesus, please be with Val and her family. Give the sisters wisdom, direction and humor as they clean out their mom's apartment.

I pray for the sister who is far away that you would comfort her anxious heart and give her wisdom as to when to come.

Lord Jesus, please with Val's mom. Give her perfect peace.

Watch over Stephen and strengthen his body.

Father God, please surround this family with Your Spirit and with Your angels.

Thank you for Val and her friendship to so many people. Please, Lord Jesus, bless her, In Your Name I pray-Amen

Valerie Comer said...

Thank you, Chris...EJ...everyone.