Thursday, May 24, 2007

Book Tour -- Snitch

Sometimes the books for the book tours get switched around last minute. Just when I thought I had life under control (HA!) and had this week's book read and contemplated, I got the email to switch. Now you may have noticed that I'm not discussing books every week, so odds were good that this week's new book wasn't on my personal list. Wrong. It was, but because the original date for it was a couple weeks off and I had so much on my pile to do, I left the book with a friend.

Got it back in a hurry and started reading it last night. Got half way in, actually. I'd been hearing about Rene Gutteridge's books for awhile and was pleased to have this opportunity to read one of them. Unfortunately, this is book two of a series, but I don't think that's too much of a problem as it doesn't seem like a lot of backstory is required to get into this one.

Okay, the series is called The Occupational Hazards: Old School meets New School meets Homeschool. Book two is called Snitch and follows the rookie police career of Mack Hazard (female). It is quirky and funny in places, reminding me a bit of Chris Wells' Tribulation House I read a few weeks back. However, Gutteridge plays less on pop culture which I appreciate, being as I'm not very *in* and don't get a lot of Wells' jokes. ">

Anyway, enough of that. From the back cover:
Just shy of retirement and a well-earned pension, Las Vegas Police Department Sergeant Ron Yeager's definition of "active duty" involves shifting his bad leg into a more comfortable position. But when he's requested from his mind-numbing desk job to head an undercover auto theft task force, the former narcotics officer determines to prove he's still got the right stuff.

That is...until he meets his unlikely team of officers.

As Yeager soon finds out, not all the crazies are on the street. An undercover rookie, the audaciously honest Mackenzie "Mack" Hazard sends Yeager's blood pressure skyrocketing by wearing her faith like an ever-present badge. Then there's Jesse Lunden, a maverick undercover officer who refuses to learn anything from an old guy with a cane. Can this tangle of egos and eccentrics be trained into a lean, mean, crime-fighting machine...even while they are being drawn into something much bigger and more dangerous than anyone imagined?

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