Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Website Tour -- The Sword Review Day 2

About The Sword Review:

The Sword Review states their goal: "We strive to provide quality fiction, poetry, valuable reviews, and meaningful exposition, all in a means that respects traditional values and Christian principles. The Sword Review actively seeks works from new and student authors and artists, but holds high standards of quality for all contributions."

Besides the stories, art, and poetry, there are various editorial columns. Glancing through the dates on the list, I assume that not every editorial contributor is equally active in providing material. One column is Writer's Cramp, which focuses on tips, ideas, and rants from a writer learning the ropes by L.S.King.

I especially enjoyed the column Random Ramblings by Pam L. Wallace. Her one piece entitled Reaching for Perfection reminded me of a conversation with some of my writing buddies not long ago when we discussed the part of our stories that is interpreted by the reader's personality and previous experiences. Not every tale will resonate the same with each reader--or with each editor.

Like many ezines that are available to the browsing public, The Sword Review accepts funds to support its existence. Its parent company, Double-Edged Publishing, Inc is chartered as a nonprofit corporation in Tennessee. Consider supporting this ezine if you've enjoyed reading it. There are donation links available. Are you a fan of another free ezine on the web? Consider supporting it financially. Most of these sites are run by volunteers who are paying their own way, trying to produce a quality product.

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