Thursday, June 07, 2007

Revision progress

Today I cleared 30K in my revision of Marks of Repentance. There were some pretty fun scenes in the last couple of chapters. Fun to write...and it seems to have shown, because my critiquers' comments proved that the situations came through as humorous as well. Hopefully I didn't lose the good bits in revision! :P

I am trying to streamline the writing, kill the redundancies, kill the passive voice, kill the repetitive sentence structures...kill everything that needs to be killed. And remember to add in the descriptions of the settings because these are traveling scenes. Many things to remember, in fact. All I know is I'm moving forward and I'll have to re-read later with a fresh eye to see if I'm actually cleaning it up or merely changing it.

But I've backed up the files and know that I won't be looking at them again for a couple of weeks. I may post again, but we're off on vacation in just a few days.



chrisd said...

I don't have your e-mail--

How are you? How's your mom? Stop by when you get a chance--


Scriptorius Rex said...

I love your take on revisions:

'Kill or be killed'