Monday, July 16, 2007


Amazingly enough it is just as hot up in the mountains as it is down in the valley. The only thing that is colder is that the creek is colder than the lake. Quite a lot colder, being as it is glacier-fed (and not that far away!). However, when the air is somewhere around 40 Celcius (or over 100 Fahrenheit) there are things you do that you wouldn't normally consider. This is what I did multiple times (like every two or three hours all day long):

Hubby decided he could get cool enough by fishing in the creek. Sometimes he'd take off his t-shirt, soak it in the creek, and put it back on.

We also did a lot of reading and eating and reading and eating.

Some of you may know that a couple weeks ago we had a ferocious storm go through our valley (including a minor tornado) that killed our power for almost 24 hours. Some of the worst damage in the region was along the riverbed that our camping creek flows into. This was our first *sign* of damage as we turned off the highway: CAUTION to road users!

This shows a section of road that had at least twenty trees down across it. Pity the folks that had to cut their way back to civilization! (And why many of us camp with chainsaws as part of the rigging!)

And here is some lucky person's cabin:

So the benefits of being back home? Showers that can be any temperature I want--and don't have to be SHOCKINGLY cold. An air conditioner in the bedroom, even though it is LOUD. A fridge that doesn't have to battle the major heat against it and keeps things an appropriate temperature. Screens to keep the bugs out.

But I do love sitting by the creek and reading.


Kait said...

I'm a wee bit jealous of your creeks, with all the heat that's been going on here (not to mention the air conditioner)... but that wreckage doesn't look like much fun!

I'm glad that you two had a nice time. It's so refreshing to just get away for a little while to pursue the things that we really love (like reading and eating! LOL).

chrisd said...

Not jealous of creeks. Not jealous of bugs. Afraid to ask about the whole plumbing issue.

Also glad you had a good time! Welcome back!

Valerie Comer said...

Kait, I don't think Junior would have been in favor of the shock value of icy creeks. I can't imagine trying to stay cool at 8-9 months pg. Well, I can *almost* remember back that far! Hanna was an October baby after all.

Chris--one word: Outhouse!

chrisd said...