Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fantasy Four Tour -- Christopher Hopper

Of the four authors who will be touring the east coast of the USA (starting in just a few days), the name that was newest to me was Christopher Hopper.

I first heard his name on Wayne Batson's blog when he and Christopher met for a weekend of writing.

I've discovered that Christopher was born into a musical family: his father was a record producer and his mother a singer/ songwriter. No surprise that young Christopher got his first professional gig as a drummer at the age of ten, and that he has gone on to produce some albums of his own. He continues to tour internationally as a conference speaker, worship leader, and concert musician along with his wife, Jennifer, also a singer, songwriter and pianist. Specific links to the Hoppers' various bands, albums, and ministries can be found here.

So how does a guy this busy find time to write? He is the father of two and didn't even grow up a reader! I guess when the drive to write is God-given--and strong--a person can do just about anything. And self-discipline doesn't hurt either.

Wayne Batson says:
If you don't know his (Christopher's) work, I highly recommend it. His first book Rise of the Dibor is terrific stuff, and what an original hook: what if Adam and Eve had never sinned…how might evil have entered the world, and would we be able to resist? His second book, The Lion of Vrie is due out this June.

Christopher is hard at work on the third book of his series. Sounds like a great read and one that is now high on my list of books to acquire.

Read Rebecca Miller's interview with Christopher here.


WayneThomasBatson said...

Sir Christopher is a great guy. SERIOUSLY talented. Thanks, Val, for posting about the Tour!

Never alone!


Becky said...

GREAT tour posts, Val. Thanks so much. Enjoy those Dragons in Our Midst books. I'm glad you won them ... but shhhh. Don't tell the others who participated in The Fantasy Challenge. And, no, I didn't rig it. LOL