Friday, July 13, 2007

Progress for the week!

It has been very very hot (did I remember to say *very*?) here in BC this week. The one blessing is that it seems to be keeping the customers away. Maybe they're going to the beach or something. Either way, they stayed away in droves and I finally got some writing work accomplished.

I started every work day with a half hour of writing on Connect the Dot, the un-outlined contemporary women's fiction I'm playing with. I'm doing it on the Palm before I turn my computer on. I synched the files last night and was pleasantly surprised to find Dot at over 3K!

Work on the novel crit is going well; five chapters down. I've gotten a chapter critted most mornings lately, after Dot time.

And the afternoon work has been revisions on Marks of Repentance, which has been going really well since I blasted through that awful transition scene. The novel currently stands at 45,448, so almost half-way revised. I know there are some rocky parts coming up ESPECIALLY the last couple chapters, but for now, it feels good to get some serious wordage out of the way.

It's very hot here. Have I mentioned that? I'm off work in half an hour and we're headed up into the mountains for some camping. I need a cold creek to lie in and cold air at night. Back Monday!

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chrisd said...

Have a great time, Val!