Friday, August 24, 2007

Home again

I'm ba-ack! If you follow my daughter's blog you'll notice that they are all moved into their new home with some help from Mom and Dad. *Moved in* might be a bit of a stretch, but at least their belongings are all there in their new premises. I'm sure it will take a week or so for everything to be set up the way they want it. Moving into a smaller place is always a challenge!

I attended a Women of Faith conference in Calgary and then headed to their house to help pack and clean. Hubby picked up a U-Haul trailer when he got off night shift Tuesday morning and drove out. We were mostly loaded by Tuesday evening, ready for the last minute stuff in the morning, including the last of the carpet cleaning. It took the better part of the day to drive to the new place what with an hour or so stop off at the home place so hubby could haul hay for the cows and the kids could visit their grandparents for a bit. Then we took the long way around, via the ferry instead of over the mountain pass, as the truck was over-heating some. We unloaded just enough Wednesday night that we all had a place to sleep, then completed the unload Thursday morning.

We all had lunch with my mom and sis and b-i-l in honor of my mom's birthday (the kids' new home is about 40 minutes from my mom's town). In April/ May we didn't think Mom would make it to her 85th birthday. She's in a temporary bed at a nursing home facility, waiting for permanent placement, and is doing quite well all things considered. She can walk; she should use her walker but sometimes forgets where she left t it. Most of what she says makes sense. Sadly her favorite brother (who had a debilitating stroke about a year ago) died this week.

Hubby and I arrived home late Thursday afternoon. We knew we'd left behind a plumbing problem I'd discovered the night before I left for the conference. Much of his non-sleeping time at home has been spent tracing the issue through and --I believe--solving it. I hope...being as hubby has headed back east to drop off the U-haul trailer and prepare for returning to work bright and early Saturday morning.

It's been a crazy and tiring week. My neck and shoulder haven't been too happy with my actions though that pain is now down to a dull roar and I'm hoping the accompanying headache is on its way out as well. Sleeping in my own bed last night was heavenly! I'm in the midst of catching up on laundry and cleaning. The floors all really need washing yet so I guess the place will be pretty sparkly by the time I get to bed tonight, so long as my energy holds out!

Back to work and writing on Monday.


Maripat said...

Welcome home! Now take care of yourself, hear me?

Jean said...

Welcome home.

Jen said...

Oh Val! I am glad that you are home after all that fun. That's good to hear that Grandma is doing okay. I love you!

chrisd said...

I'm happily surprised about your mom. The last I had heard she was not doing well! That's wonderful news.