Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am *such* an optimist!

I believe I said that this week the words would be flying by. Anyone see them? What plane did they catch? Cause only about 3K settled down here, which is a far cry from the 10-15 I was hoping for.

And really, I only procrastinated one day of the four away. There have been a lot of customers all week (all month--all summer--all year) and then today it's been busy as Boss Dude figured out (remembered) that I'll be away for a week and no one will be in the office at all. So I spent a lot of time today trying to find the right threads to tie off. As far as I now know, all the catastrophes are under control.

Potential customers at the flooring shop are not that impressed with my new favorite words. They are *November* and *ish*. (Okay, *ish* is always in my vocabulary, but still, when combined with *November*, it has a whole 'nother ring to it.) Yeah, I'm busy scaring away potential clients who cannot believe our wait list is that long. But hey, it's boom town time here. Some lady told me the other day that the guys should get their butts in gear. I told her that the guys are over 50 and that their butts are as in gear as they're going to be. **rolls eyes

So check back next week, I'll have a bit of a review about the book Legend of the Firefish plus a discussion about omniscient pov with its author, George Bryan Polivka. Posting that from my daughter's house as we get her and her hubby packed up and moved closer to home!

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chrisd said...

I was going to as how Marks is but I see it's doing pretty good there, Lady!

I look forward to the review. I'm not on the tour this time. One more week before school and I want to do stuff w/the kids.