Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn Joy!

We've had a fair bit of rain in the past few weeks, which we've needed. However, today is a lovely sunny autumn day and I went for a long walk (about 3.5 mile return) with the camera. Here is the mountain ash tree right in our yard.

This clump of trees was struck by lightning over 20 years ago. There are a few little copses like this one along our road. I'm heading west here, across the valley.

This irrigation channel is where I usually turn around and head back home. It's about a mile from our house, and from here west is private land with limited access through.

No one is living on that property right now, though. And this tree beckoned me in for a closer look!

Once past the empty house, it's a long walk across the field to the river. The pass you see in the mountains is the way the highway takes. It's the way we drive when we go *over the mountain* (as opposed to via ferry) to visit my mom or my daughter.

I spent twenty minutes or more sitting on the dike along the river, enjoying the breeze, the birds, and the sunlight. A great way to spend a Saturday morning!


Random Walk Writer said...

Gorgeous photos.

Um, I think the daisy theme's a little too summery for these pictures, though.

Jean said...

What a gorgeous walk.

Maripat said...

Lovely way to spend the day. I'm jealous.

Valerie Comer said...

It was a lovely morning.

Daisy schmazy. I've been busy.

EJ said...

Beautiful! I love your photo walks.

Jay said...

Mmmm, Val. Thanks for the walk! Oh I miss Creston in Fall... actually, I miss the Kootenays all the time.

(We have flowers up... lots of them. Weird).