Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gathering threads

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend I'm back at work today with all the crazy people who want their floors replaced yesterday. Or by next week at the latest. Right.

I'm done the read-through of the 88K or so that Marks of Repentance is in this current draft and have begun making a list of the threads that need to be drawn tighter. Some of the scenes between here and the end will still work with minor modifications. Others will need to be totally rewritten. I'm beginning to get the feel for what needs doing, and I didn't drop any threads at all to this point, though I did weave one in a little tighter during this read-through. If the customers would now only give me a little more time to focus down on the story, I should be only a few days from the end. Which means that I hope to be done in October!

I've also got first drafts of query letter and synopsis completed and know I have a lot of work to do on those. A little scary to be contemplating that step.


Karenee said...


Good for you.

Maripat said...

You'll be fine. And I'm cheering you on here!