Sunday, October 21, 2007

Laptop Love

Being as hubby's rotation had him away at work all weekend and I hadn't been feeling the greatest lately, I sweet-talked him into leaving the laptop home for me. I mean, I know I have two desktop computers (one at work and one at home) and of course the adorable Palm Tungsten E2 but none of those are a laptop. And I envisioned comfy hours in my recliner with heat on my back, surfing the internet and working away all weekend.

Still, all sitting is bad--even in the world's greatest recliner. So I brought the timer over and set it for 45 minutes...and began critting a novel for Mar. When the timer went off, I re-set it for 15 minutes and went off to do some housework.

The second set I spent working on my synopsis of Marks of Repentance. The first market I'm looking at wants a synopsis of 1-3 pages and mine is currently 2, so that at least is a help. What is hard for me to tell is if it is clear, so it's going out to a few folk who aren't familiar with the novel and then I'll see where I've confuzelated things. (Great word, huh?) And then 15 minutes of housework.

Third set I spent at the desk-top computer working on my family calendar that I take on every year. This is the ninth annual coming up! It's not at crunch point yet--still waiting for some photos to come in from family, but I was pleased with what I got done even so. And 15 minutes of housework.

Then I went back to the synopsis. And housework. And critting. And housework.

By then it was late afternoon and I decided I'd had enough productivity. So I went on to other things, like cooking up a LOT of dry beans and making a mega-pot of soup. Canned some of the beans and saved the rest for today, when I also canned up the soup. Yes, I'm crazy.

The beauty of the laptop came into play again, because with the wireless now set up on the broadband, I could leave the laptop open on the peninsula (well away from stove and sink) and work on things while the canner canned. So I worked through a few more chapters of crit. And now I'm blogging from the recliner again! Gotta love it.

When one of my desktop computers dies, I'll replace with a laptop and the remaining desktop will live at home. I think I still want to have at least one desktop though.

Spoiled? Perhaps. Three computers (and two Palms) might seem like over-kill for two people. The same two people have only two vehicles--one, if you count the fact that the truck has been out of commission for a couple of weeks. It's supposed to be home, (almost) as good as new tomorrow. I hope. I'm ready for my own wheels again too.

It's been a lovely weekend.


Margaret said...

LOL! Welcome to the dark side. And no, that's not too many. Each serve a purpose. As long as you're actually using them, not just collecting for the heck of it, you're fine :D.

fiorinda said...

Sounds like a peaceful day.

My parents have 3 desktops(4 if you count my grandmothers)2 laptops(I'm borrowing one) and my mom has a blackberry curve. So your set up sounds pretty minimal to me :)


Maripat said...

My hubby and I share a laptop. For some strange reason I prefer my desk for writing. Okay, no, typing. Great work, Val!

Jen said...

Good stuff Val! I love laptops too (especially our beautiful Mac!)

What's the family calender this year? I hope you haven't requested photos from Joel and he just hasn't replied to you... because I've heard nothing yet.... Has it really been 9 years that you've been making them? Whew. I remember when you first started those...

Jean said...

Hmmm. I have two desktops, a laptop, a Palm Tungsten, two iPods, and a Handspring (I think I'll take that to my sister - she already has my old laptop). Hubby has a desktop and a laptop.

I need to get the network connected and use the old desktop as a back up machine. They do all have a purpose.