Monday, November 12, 2007


I'd actually forgotten to upload these photos from my camera last week after our visit to Hanna and Craig's. Must be that we looked at them on their computer and somehow my brain figured I was done? Dunno. At any rate:

We went for a drive and came across a flock of bighorn sheep along a narrow road. Hubby took a few photos out the truck window; this was the best one.

A little further up the road, hubby found the trail head for Tulip Creek Falls, all covered with autumn leaves just waiting to be kicked around!

As we approached the falls, we came across this mushroom covered rock!

Typical autumn picture along the creek, with so many leaves fallen in:

Definitely worth the short hike in to see these falls!

This weekend we've spent a lot of time working on the kitchen cabinetry. About half of my upper cabinets are now installed and looking oh-so-good :D I'll do photos of the kitchen again after the next phase...getting close.


Maripat said...

Very pretty, Val. And cabinets, too? sniff...everyone has a pretty kitchen but me...

Grin. Glad you two had a good day.

Jean said...

What lovely photos.

Hugs, Maripat.

Jen said...

Pretty pictures Val!

barb said...

Yah cabinets!!