Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Still grinding along

I've started getting critiques back on both the synopsis and the opening scenes of Marks of Repentance. I've spent some time buffing the synopsis in the past few days--and writing *the pitch*. Think of that as back cover copy. Something short, just a few sentences to intrigue the reader. Kristin, an agent with Nelson who blogs at Pub Rants, has been doing a series of posts on writing the pitch. She's dissected nine from various genres in the past week or two and it's helped me to cement what I'm looking for in writing my own pitch.

Hope Nano is going well for all participants. Guess you folk are too busy to stop by and say hello!


EJ said...

*snort* Let's not talk about Nano. The word pitiful comes to mind, but at least Walter is talking to me again.

chrisd said...

I miss the comraderie of NaNo but it just was not possible this year.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I like the title of your manuscript. I could do Nano. My full-time job takes too much time and energy. I feel blessed just to keep writing each week.