Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wayfarer's Journal

So...I broke the arm off my glasses this morning. I'm here to tell you that I am as good as blind without them, and couldn't even tell what I'd broken. Magnifying glass was only marginal help with that, but it did enable me to find my old glasses in my dresser drawer. Then, with a certain amount of neck twisting to line up the bifocal, I could kind of almost make out the problem on the arm.

Oy. Back to bi-focals from progressives. Scratched lenses. Wrong prescription. Of course it will take a week for the new arm to come in and repairs to be made. Gotta love living in a rural area during the holidays. Good times were had by all.

So this month's Christian Science Fiction Fantasy Blog Tour is for a webzine: Wayfarer's Journal. And even with Control +++, I'm having issues with reading on the computer, as a lot of pages have text that runs together at that magnification. (Might have to clean the store before holidays. I think I can see to do that, if one isn't too particular. Oy.)

Very briefly, the Wayfarer's Journal is strictly a science fiction 'zine. The site's founder, Terri Mains, selects stories and poetry that explore the moral, ethical, and spiritual implications of modern technology. Stop by the site and have a look--if you haven't broken your glasses.

Most of these folks are participating in the tour, so if you're interested in opinions, check out these blogs: Brandon Barr, Jim Black, Justin Boyer, Grace Bridges, Amy Browning, Jackie Castle, Carol Bruce Collett , CSFF Blog Tour, D. G. D. Davidson, Chris Deanne, Jeff Draper, April Erwin, Marcus Goodyear, Andrea Graham, Jill Hart, Katie Hart, Michael Heald, Jason Joyner, Kait, Carol Keen, Mike Lynch, Margaret, Rachel Marks, Melissa Meeks, Rebecca LuElla Miller, Mirtika or Mir's Here, John W. Otte, John Ottinger, Rachelle, Steve Rice, Cheryl Russel, Ashley Rutherford, Hanna Sandvig, James Somers, Steve Trower, Speculative Faith, Jason Waguespac, Laura Williams, Timothy Wise

I'll be the first to admit that this month, I didn't look at each of these blogs. I was saving it to do this morning, and we all know how well that worked out for me. Anyone with a slow site--anyone with a black or dark background--got skipped. I guess I'd even have skipped myself! But I did check out a couple spots to mention: Jim Black posted an interview with Wayfarer's Journal's founder, Terri Mains. John Otte explains why we should bat around ideas now, in a safe environment, before technology hits us with the unexpected and all we have left to offer is a knee-jerk reaction. I must say I was looking forward to what my buddy Steve Trower would say about Wayfarer's Journal, because he's a science fiction fan and somehow has managed to turn all the fantasy book tours into discussions of science fiction. But he doesn't have his Christmas tree up yet. (Go, Steve!)


Mark Goodyear said...

I'm sorry that you broke your glasses! Thanks for the summary of the tour at the end of your post, though. That was helpful.

chrisd said...

You did a wonderful job of directing people to other blogs--seriously!

I'm stopping by, as a farewell tour, I suppose.

I believe that science fiction is a trail to be blazed and that you all are doing it.

Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend! And a happy, productive New year!