Friday, January 04, 2008

Adventures in Snowshoeing Dec 30

You've seen photos of this railway trestle bridge before. It is one of our favorite places to hike and snowshoe. We also like taking the raft or canoe along the river channel in the summer.

Hubby worked hard to get this shot the way he liked it. Yay for a good macro!

This is also his shot on his new camera, a Nikon D40x.

This one I took on my three year old Fuji E500. It eats batteries and the flash is iffy, but I still like the quality of the shots I can get with it.

There he is setting up cat-tail shots.

The cat-tails were mighty cool.

And yes, we WERE snowshoeing!


fiorinda said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. I can hear the snowy silence.

I got my hopes up last week when it got cold enough to need a coat just to take out the trash, but alas, today is warm enough for short sleeves.

Maripat said...

ah...Nikons are sweet cameras. Beautiful pictures.