Monday, March 24, 2008

Book Tour--On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is a fantasy novel that I believe to be targeted at middle-grade readers. The story follows the Igiby siblings, Janner, Tink, and Leeli, as they try to stay out of the grasp of the venom-dripping Fangs of Dang. The Fangs doesn't refer to their teeth, either. It's the name of the lizard-like people who have taken over the land of Skree and desperately seek the lost jewels of Anniera. For some reason the Igiby adults (their mama, Nia, and her father, Podo) seem to have something to do with these jewels, but the children are getting rather afraid. They don't think it's worth hanging onto the jewels anymore. Maybe if the Fangs of Dang get what they want, they'll leave the family alone.

Or maybe not.

Andrew Peterson has written a tale filled with strange creatures, but nothing is stranger than the Fangs themselves. They love the grossest things; in fact, Nia bribes the Fang Commander with a promise of delicious maggotloaf. Mmmm, just what we all want for dinner.

Tomorrow we'll have a look at the opening hook of the story, and see if it works or doesn't. Meanwhile, check out what the others are saying: Sally Apokedak, Brandon Barr, Jim Black, Justin Boyer, Jackie Castle, CSFF Blog Tour, Gene Curtis , D. G. D. Davidson, Janey DeMeo, Jeff Draper , April Erwin, Beth Goddard , Marcus Goodyear, Todd Green, Jill Hart, Katie Hart, Michael Heald, Timothy Hicks, Christopher Hopper, Jason Joyner, Kait, Carol Keen, Mike Lynch, Margaret, Rachel Marks, Shannon McNear, Rebecca LuElla Miller, Pamela Morrisson, John W. Otte, Deena Peterson, Rachelle, Steve Rice, Cheryl Russel, Ashley Rutherford, Chawna Schroeder, James Somers, Donna Swanson, Steve Trower, Speculative Faith, Robert Treskillard, Jason Waguespac, Laura Williams, Timothy Wise


Gene Curtis said...

I'm afraid you inticed me onto a rabbit trail talking about your husband's Geocaching. I had no idea what Geocaching was. I spent just about the entire day checking it out. Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for turning me on to it.

Valerie Comer said...

LOL Gene! Our kids introduced us to the concept about a year ago, and Jim has been itching to give it a try ever since.