Sunday, May 25, 2008

A May Hike!

Since hubby started geocaching a few months ago, we've gone on a few excursions and want to do more. The last couple caches were practically beside the parking lot, and we wanted to find places that required a hike-in. We sure found one of those today!

First we drove up the mountain near our house, a forestry road with many switchbacks. Finally we came to the trailhead and started climbing a 2.5 km very steep trail. Several places there were really good views of the valley below, though. Our farm is in this photo.

I took photos of a lot of flowers along the trail (an excuse to take a rest break a few times!) This is one of my favorites:

Hubby will be posting up photos of the geocaching itself, so check it out! But here is the proof we made it to the top:

And proof that he figured out how to use the timer on the camera!

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fiorinda said...

very beautiful.