Thursday, May 01, 2008


Me? Excited? Not in the least! :P

Hubby's changed jobs a time or two too many to get significant vacation time this year, so I'm getting a week with my girls. Jen has been in our general neighborhood for the past week or so and has a summer co-op job that starts next week in Victoria. Her hubby (my son!) Joel is in Victoria right now, just landed himself his own co-op job. Hanna had her last working shift yesterday so we are stealing her to come along for a little vacation too. So Friday Jen, Hanna, Lelu-the-cat, and I head for Victoria. (I've got sedatives for the cat--it's a long drive, so hope it helps enough!)

I'll be checking in from time to time, no doubt. My hubby and Hanna's will be flying down on Saturday the tenth to have a couple days on the Island, and the four of us will drive back on the Monday.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to good times with my girls--and lots of walks by the ocean. Oh yeah.

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