Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 2 Marcher Lord Press

First off, Marcher Lord Press head dude, Jeff Gerke, emailed me with a correction to my post yesterday. There are two *free* downloads for purchasing ebooks on opening day, October first. Let me quote:

The first bonus book is Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History and Legend. It is written by castles expert Lise Hull, author of The Great Castles of Britain and Ireland and Britain's Medieval Castles.

This wonderfully illustrated book will introduce you to the real marcher lords of history who inspired Marcher Lord Press. In its pages you learn who these men were who stood alone In the Breach against all manner of chaotic forces. What were their lives like? Why did they do it? What mark have they left on modern society?

Filled with photos and maps and compelling text, Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History and Legend is the perfect primer on this fascinating chapter of medieval history.

That sounds extremely interesting to me, being as I write fantasy and the concept of castles and the frontier has crossed my brain on more than one occasion. So, you purchase ONE novel, you get the above download for free. As for the book my daughter Hanna is in, here's the scoop on it:

The second bonus book is A Marcher Lord Gallery: Speculative Art by Christian Artists. And you're not going to want to miss it.

Marcher Lord Press searched far and wide for the finest professional and amateur Christian artists working in the field of speculative art. The pieces they have contributed to this book will send your imagination soaring.

There is a section featuring original pieces commissioned specifically for this book. Each artist took his or her inspiration from one of the launch list novels or from the idea of the marcher lord itself. This original work is breathtaking, and these pieces will be available only through this book for a limited time.

This section of A Marcher Lord Gallery is followed by two-page spreads featuring other speculative pieces done by each of the contributing artists. You'll discover many new artists to stoke the fires of your speculative dreaming, and you'll meet the artists themselves through short bios, photos, and links to their online galleries.

A Marcher Lord Gallery: Speculative Art by Christian Artists is available for free download on launch day with the purchase of two or more Marcher Lord Press novels.

So--I guess I'm doing this backwards, listing the prizes first! What do you have to do to qualify these downloads? Buy a book from Marcher Lord Press on launch day to get Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History and Legend. Buy two books and get both downloads. (You know you want the download with my kid's art in it. YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!! So stick October first in your calendar and go buy two novels that day!)

Tomorrow I'll show you the one (of the three launch novels) I'm most interested in, but for today, I want to mention the concept of the POD (print-on-demand) press.

It's had a bad rap, being linked with vanity publishing (where the writer pays the publisher to publish a book). However, POD is merely a method of printing that prevents books from being over-published, and then returned to the publisher when the books don't sell (at a net loss for everyone involved). Books are printed as they are ordered.

This publishing model may be best used for just what Marcher Lord Press is doing--a niche market that is internet savvy. I know I won't be the only one watching to see how this new small press will fare. If you're curious about the ins and outs of how this press is structured, read this.

Check out the bloggers from yesterday's post to see what folks are saying about the books, the POD model, the downloads, and about Jeff Gerke.

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