Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reading Meme

Is November National Meme month? No? You'd think! Rebecca Miller tagged me on this one: Seven random book related facts. Okeydokey, I can do that!

1. My sister taught me to read from Dick and Jane. I remember us lying on our tummies on the bed in the attic bedroom. Thankfully other books had more interesting plot lines.

2. We lived in a remote rural area and got our library books by mail from the University of Manitoba.

3. The first year I attended a school with a library in it was seventh grade. Before that, books were just in a cupboard at the back of the classroom. (No wonder I learned to reread...)

4. Books were a common gift for birthdays and Christmas. Heidi, The Five Little Peppers, The Borrowers.

5. It's my husband's fault I *really* got into SFF, though. He started me on Anne McCaffery and I've never looked back!

6. Our kids learned to read *defensively*. That was what Mommy and Daddy were doing, so it must be fun!

7. I think it is the coolest thing these days to go into bookstores and realize I actually KNOW some of the authors on the shelf. They're people I've exchanged emails with or met through book tours or forums, a few even in person.

Seven folks whose responses to this meme I would like to see are:
1. Hanna
2. Karen
3. Bonne
4. Fiorinda
5. Mirtika
6. EJ
7. Maripat


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Thanks for taking the time to play, Val.

Oh, yes, books for Christmas! A great one. And The Five Little Peppers, yes. I never did read that one, though. I think I got it too late--or too early. It seems I was in my horse phase at the time.


EJ said...

I did the meme, but just to be ornery I've set it to publish tomorrow at false dawn. :P

Valerie Comer said...

ROFL EJ!!!!!

fiorinda said...

Okay, mine's up.

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks, Deb!