Sunday, January 02, 2005

And a Happy New Year to you all

Tomorrow morning bright and early I get back to work, both literally and literally. I've enjoyed a two week vacation, but I suppose one can say it is now over.

What have I been doing?

For starters, I have been having Christmas without my kids. That was sad for me, but they both were able to share the day with other relatives, which made it easier on me. We had our extended family nearby here, so we weren't exactly *alone* either.

I spent a few days before Christmas with my sister. She just lives a few blocks from my mom, and we started the HUGE job of organizing my mom's old photos and memorabilia into a memory scrapbook. Jim came over to pick me up and bring me home for Christmas, and then I went back over for a couple more days this week. We've got a solid start, but...yikes it's going to be a big job. Mom is 82, so it seems that if we want anyone to tell us who's who in those ancient blurry black and white photos, it was time to start asking the questions!

Jim and I rather splurged on Christmas this year. I had a really good bonus, but we spent it and then some. He got me a digital camera which has been delighting me. It's a Fuji FinePix E500, and I am having a lot of fun. I've been fighting with installing Blogspot's Hello program for showing photos to you, but I seem to be going in circles. I'll work on it again another time. I got Jim a dvd player, and then discovered that our old tv simply wouldn't handle it. We found a 27" flatscreen tv for a very reasonable price, so bought that too. Now it is absolutely time to pay down our charge cards and quit buying stuff!


Tomorrow is the start of getting back into writing. My bosses may actually think I should do some work, too, being as I'll be back at the shop. Tomorrow I have to decide which of the two partial novels I've been working on I am going to finish writing first. I had promised myself to finish *Quest to be Queen* (nano novel) before Christmas, and, well, er, I didn't. I have some thinking to do about it, actually. Which means I may jump back into my 2ynovel, *False Perceptions*. It's about half written, around 50K if I remember correctly. And it's outline is solid, so a bit of reading to catch myself up and I should be ready to fly again. We'll see about that tomorrow!

I'm actually quite amused that you all seem so surprised by my pink blog, but then I have to admit that *I*'m a little shocked, too. It amuses me for the moment.

Anyone know how I can link other blogs from here? I can't seem to find the right spot. Or did I just pick the wrong template?


Tina said...

Hi Valerie,

You need to make a change in your template to do that. I'd suggest signing up for Then you'll get a code you put in your template. This way you don't have to go into your HTML and add links everytime you find something you like.

I'll email you with the changes you'll need to make to have a blog roll show up on your blog.

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks, Tina. I got your email and I'll try working through it. :) Valerie