Monday, January 03, 2005

I am SOOO tired...

I guess I've been having a typical Monday. Fairly busy at the store. The guys have started the whole house flooring job we nailed just before Christmas. Now there are two others elbowing for room right behind it. At this rate, we'll not have the usual slow time in February/March.

It's a good thing it's been busy, otherwise I'd be having trouble staying awake. I've been unbelievably tired this afternoon. That, too, seems to be typical of Mondays, and this Monday is the Monday to beat all Mondays, being as it follows a sixteen day weekend! I *really* haven't been going to bed early enough, especially not for the 6:30 a.m. alarm clock. Yikes.

Writing. I promised that today was the day. I lied. Well, I sort of lied. In between customers I have been reading what I have written so far in*False Perceptions*, and I'm not all the way caught up yet. Hopefully tomorrow. My goal for this week is a minimum of 5K new words. Not a lot, but at this rate, still enough of a challenge to be worthy. My guess is that I am about half done writing the first draft of this book, so I am aiming at about the middle of February for completion, I suppose. 10K a week seems doable while not being a walk in the park, after this week, once I get my writing legs back under me. I really need to schedule my Christmas crafting better next year. Maybe I should try to have it all done BEFORE nano. (Insert hysterical laughter here.) I've been away from this story too long.

*False Perceptions* is the two year novel. I guess I'm on track, then, being as we just began the second year. Zette has offered to look over the first three chapters, up to 15K, for anyone who would like her to. Having read my first three chapters (and more) today, I think I'd like to clean them up a bit before I submit them to her inspection. I know she is expecting raw draft material, but it doesn't seem fair to punish her for her willingness, if it can be avoided! I need to work on Treyan's introduction in chapter two. He isn't coming across as fun-loving as I wanted. He's too cynical. Loosen up, Treyan. Show your stuff. Hmm. I wonder if I should take the time this week to smarten him up, before I move on? Normally I advocate the *push through to the end of the draft, then clean up* school of writing. Hmm again. If I wasn't so tired, maybe it would be easier to make a decision on this topic!

Today is a grocery shopping day. We need food in the house. I'm hungry, just thinking about it. That is the worst time to go shopping, but...I'm gonna do it anyway. Anything to avoid driving home, and then back to town. Store closes at 7 anyways.

Oh, yes, it was back to Curves this morning. I haven't been for two full weeks, and it was pretty haphazard for a few weeks before that. It is time to buckle down and deal with things. This is not so much a new year's resolution as a fact of life. Probably I should make some changes to my eating habits. Probably I should think about THAT while I'm in the grocery store after work. Probably I should stop boring you with the details...


Ruth said...

Details are fun, not boring. Sounds like you and I are getting back into the swing of things at about the same pace. It's amazing how a holiday can de-motivate a person concerning writing for awhile. :)

Tina said...

Yep, time off from writing can really mess things up! I know you'll get back into the swing of things.

I was on the computer last night but my Trillian was not working correctly and I was at a loss as to why. I'll be here tonight as well so we can work on your blog template.