Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Do you think I'm stalling? I've finally finished reading through what I have written thus far on *False Perceptions*. Instead of writing this post, I should start on chapter 21. Really, I should. There's nearly an hour left in the working day. But apparently I can put it off yet until tomorrow. The story is better than I remembered, though I see that my memory of struggling to get the feel for the characters in the first few chapters is accurate. Maybe I'm afraid to start in again, and spoil it. If I ever decide to put a novel on hold again in the middle (especially for two months!), kick me, would you?

The weather has been crispy and cold, amazingly like winter. The temperature has been hovering about ten degrees below zero (Celsius). Today the sun is shining brightly out of an astonishing blue sky, causing a tremendous glare off of the white snow. You can see your breath. It's supposed to warm up some in the next few days, and if the weather follows normal winter habits, it will doubtless snow. I think I'd rather it was merely cold.

Last night Jim took the truck into the shop to change the oil, adjust the baffle for the defrost heater, and to trace down the loose electrical connection that was preventing the dash lights from coming on consistently. This morning as I dropped him off at work and began to back out of the parking lot, he waved me to a stop. Apparently we had an oil leak from the engine. He grabbed the service truck to drive me the rest of the way to work so that he could have our truck there at his shop to look at if he got a few minutes' time, which he did. Some valve had broken. It's a good thing he caught it when he did, as it is not very good for engines to drive around with the oil leaked out of them. So now that, too, is fixed. We are also having trouble with the four-wheel drive shifter, and he needs to have a look at that before it snows again. I pretty much need it working to get into my parking spot at work. The truck is an extended cab, so it has a long turning radius and the angle into my spot is very tight. With snow pulling at my tires, it becomes impossible to maneuver.

I bought salad-in-a-bag, because I apparently am not motivated enough to make salad these days if I have to start from scratch. I also bought a couple of new dressings. Gotta start eating better. And I went to Curves again this morning. Yay me.


Jean said...

I always use salad in a bag--I'm too lazy to do it from scratch, too.


Jean said...

And you got the links added! Great work.


Tina said...

Yeah! You got links working! I was not online when you emailed me last night. We'll catch up with each other.

I also always use salad in a bag. Guess I'm lazy too. LOL At least I'm eating salad.

Whoo hooo for going to Curves. I wish I had one close to me cause I'd go too.

Don't hold back on *False Perceptions*. I loved what I read on FM and it's going to be a great one. Don't worry - you can always edit. Editing is our friend.

Margaret said...

I did the "put novel on hold" last year with Kyrnie. I started it in September, put it aside in October to finish another novel I was in the middle of. (Tried writing two at the same time. I don't work that way.) I finally got back to it in January. It was slow going at first, but then it all came back to me. You'll manage. You just have to force yourself to get started.