Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bouquets of Roses go to...

Tina Kulesa! For being absolutely willing to help me set up the links in my little world. It's not Tina's fault she couldn't get her Trillian working to meet me by instant messaging!

Jean Schara! (aka Inuit) For emailing me the code for her own links on her own blog. Thank you! This enabled me to see exactly what needed doing. Copy and paste is a wonderful thing, and from there I could add and delete as suited my own needs.

Margaret Fisk! For being there on instant message while I worked through implementing Jean's email. I am not so techno-savvy, and Mar loaned me the nerve to make actual changes to the blog template to meet the needs in my little world.

If you look at the header for this blog, and see the words *In My Little World* in ordinary font such as helvetica or verdana, you owe it to yourself to find and download the font HARRINGTON. It will make things ever so much prettier. Really!

And thanks all for your encouragement to just kick back into the book. I am opening the file right now. Really. Right now. I'll report back later...


Tina said...

Awww - I love roses and they match your blog perfectly. :) Everything looks great and I love the title font. I'm a font geek so I've got tons of them.

Jean said...

Thank you. I should have remembered to have you copy your complete blog template into a Notepad file just in case. I also use Preview before accepting the changes. That's saved me a few goofs, but when Blogger tells you your blog template will be gone, they mean it. That's where the backup file comes in handy. I've had to copy and paste that over the template I goofed up more than once.

And I need to remember to change to anonymous when commenting as myself--Inuit is gracious enough to let me use her blog account for my blog, too, but she's a stickler for attribution, so this is Jean typing.

Inuit is off crowing about the Spurs crushing defeat of the Lakers last night.


Margaret said...

Thanks, Val. Always happy to help. But Jean's right. I should have told you to make a backup too. I've never had mine vanish, scary thought, but it can happen.

Oh, and you're infectious. Last night I changed the cursive on my sidebar headers. Not to Harrington though cause it's a bit loopy for those types of headers ;)