Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I've dived in, and now I'm all wet!

One scene down today, for a total of 1602 words. And it was the antagonist's pov, which is never my favorite thing to write. He gets the next scene, too, so its not like I'm out of the woods yet. Or even out of the water. I do hate to see Treyan bullied and humiliated, but it's not like he didn't deserve *something* for the nasty stuff he'd been doing. I think we can soon get on with his change of heart. Anyway, its a decent start.

And then I decided to make goals for the year. Goals are good. They provide much laughter in December. And so, in summary, I *will* finish False Perceptions, and then Quest to be Queen, by the end of February. And then I *will* take a few months to revise Heaven can Wait. And then I *will* write a new novel, for which ideas are still sparse. And then I *will* do the next pass on False Perceptions. And then I *will* write another book during Nano. Come on, laugh with me? Ready? Hahahahahaha. Yeah. Pretty much.


Tina said...

Now don't laugh at yourself Val. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

Besides, goals a just that - goals. They are not set in stone. They just give you something to aim for.

Jean said...

And what a beautiful dive it was! Such a smooth entry into the water! Even the Russian judge gave you a 9.8.

And I just can't imagine you as being all wet, so perish the thought.

She's still running behind, so it looks like we won't start editing PBOTL until She returns from Brussels on the 15th. (Inuit wiggles her toes luxuriously as she relaxes and waits for Her to get Her act together.)