Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fog is...foggy

Can you think of anything good to say about fog? God made it, so I presume it plays a role in the grand scheme of things. From my point of view, it's major depressing when it just hangs in for days on end. And then there's the idiot drivers.

[rant] Why do people not realize that there is more than one reason there are headlights on their vehicle? In this visibility, you can see a vehicle WITH HEADLIGHTS ON for an entire half a block. If he's grey and running blind? Much, much less. Idiots!! Put your lights on when driving in fog, even in daylight! It's not so YOU CAN SEE, it's so YOU CAN BE SEEN.[/rant]

We have a new calf today. Mother (Roman, because she has an arched *roman* nose, when most cows have a scooped nose) and infant are doing well.

Have I distracted you from the fact that I have to report zero words for the day? Gee, I hate saying that.

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Linda said...

Fog is ethereal, mystical and numinous. It provides us with a good excuse for staying home. Have you read the children's book, Fog Magic?

I noticed the new blog address in your FM signature and had to come see what was happening. I love blogger.com... hope you like it too.