Monday, January 24, 2005

A mixed bag today

I'm glad you are enjoying the photo of the calf. She is still the only one, but won't be lonely for much longer I'm sure. We are expecting 17 more over the next couple months or so.

We had a very busy farm weekend as we had water line problems when it was so cold last week. It's not cold anymore; I bet it hasn't dipped below freezing for five days or so now, so Jim was finally able to get the repairs done to the water line. The leak had caused an iced over pond which was now simply a pond, right in front of the watering trough, so he scraped the corral out with the tractor blade and hauled in some gravel. And then we hauled a lot of bedding hay in order to get the rest of the maternity wing set up in our corral. Now I remember where some of my muscles are located. Right where the *ouch* is.

The mouse still runs freely at the store. Apparently the latest Rustle does not like peanut butter. He's quieter than the whole family was, which is a (minor) improvement.

I got almost 1K done on *False Perceptions* today, and it did go better than last week. I might have been tempted to try for more but it got busy at the store so I decided to be content. I'm working on nailing down YET another whole house flooring job, but as these folks are early in the building process, my bosses are okay with it. :p

I did reward myself with some *Shann* later in the day. I'm finding the notes from the 2ynovel course fabulous as I do worldbuilding for this new fantasy novel. Today I learned about the history of Shann's people, and where they came from. A couple of tidbits could work into plot twists, so I'm happy with the results.

And I've been online WAY too much this evening. Time to get off and go have a life. (Just a sec...what IS a life?)

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