Monday, January 31, 2005

This evening's class: Coloring 101

Another chapter of *False Perceptions* is done, and it only took me an entire week to write the 2400 words! Okay, not really bragging about that part. But I'm glad to be back rolling with this. This chapter is definitely the beginning of the end of the book, so it's all down hill from here. I hope. It stands at just over 70K.

Therefore in accordance with my goals and rewards, the afternoon was open for Shann. Of course that's when the customers came! (Is there any other way this could happen?) In between them I spent my time working out minor details of the language and naming conventions in my secondary language group (which will see the most action), and going through all my previous notes to make sure that only the new spellings were in there, so as not to confuse myself later. I'm pretty easy to confuse :) I also went through and deleted references to plot points etc that I had already changed in the evolution of the ideas.

I need to give a bit of thought at some point as to what my theme really is for this story. Right now I honestly have no idea. Themes are really hard for me, but I've seen how much smoother outlining can go (and therefore writing) if the writer has some idea of what they're *really* trying to say, behind it all. Just now everything is still swirling around, hard to grasp. But hoo-boy, I'm having fun. Writing is *supposed* to be fun, isn't it? (Please say yes!) Yes, I'm well aware that it's work, too. But if it isn't fun work, it isn't worth doing (not if you're not sure anyone will pay you for it, anyway...)

When I get home from work, I'm going to spruce up my maps and color them. If that doesn't excite you, nothing I can say will. Why are you reading my blog?

In January, I wrote 29277 words, most of them on False Perceptions. I'm a little shy of my goal of 1K a day, but not as bad as I thought it would be, considering I write five days a week and not seven. Can't complain.

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Jean said...

You're off to a great start this year, Valerie. All this and calving, too. I'm in complete awe.