Tuesday, February 01, 2005

of governments...

Things remain really busy at work. A couple of weeks ago I think I mentioned that we had some whole house jobs hanging out there. Well, today one of them came home to roost, a five thousand square foot duplex. The guy thought sometime in February would be good. My boss told him *it just ain't gonna happen*. He promises to be done by sometime in April! It looks like a never-ending year.

In between I managed to squeak out just over 1K on *False Perceptions*. Hard work, but apparently somebody's got to do it, and I've been nominated.

My photoshop program decided to act up last night, so I don't have my maps colored yet. This is a great botheration to me. It was looking so good, too, and then something glitched and it didn't save right. Grrr. I love technology.

So this afternoon I've been developing the governmental structure for Shann's country, Khairdazh. It is a theocracy -- government by church officials, who believe they have divine authority. So I'm playing with ideas of how this kind of government really works on a day to day basis. Who is the boss guy (the mouthpiece of God)? How does he get picked? Who rules under him, and how? Good questions. As yet, I have very few answers. But they're coming. And as soon as I have a clue about Khairdazh's government, I get to play the game all over again with Taafa's country, Nuumour. Trust me, it will NOT be a theocracy. (That's all I know for sure!)

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Margaret said...

Hugs on the map. That's always rough...and why I try to remember to save my graphics frequently as that program has a bad habit of crashing with what I put it through.

The gov't sounds cool though. Good luck in answering your questions :).