Wednesday, February 02, 2005

more about governments, cows and water

I am thrilled to report that Jim was finally able to get enough pressure in the water line last night to blow out the gunk that was clogging it. The cows now have proper water pressure at their trough, and can drink their fill much easier. He wound up playing cop for awhile, keeping them from bashing each other out of the way and making sure they all got a chance to drink. Then he had to turn off the system overnight because they had gone through so much water that we were in danger of running out! (Our well doesn't recover quickly, and the cistern level was dropping rapidly.) He hauled a load of water this morning with the tank in the pickup to try to keep the cistern at a usable level. It will take a few days for everything to return to normal, I'm thinking. We're still having issues with other parts of the line as well, due to silt buildup, but nothing as critical as the cows' section. What a relief. He was concerned that he'd have to bring in the bobcat and dig up that entire length.

During this morning's writing time I copped out. I spent my *False Perceptions* time on brushing up the first three chapters. I had a look at Zette's queue for the 2year novel class, and realized that I am next in line, and could get called on any day to submit my chapters for personal pointers. The first and third chapters just got a light swish with the brush, but there were some serious tangles in the second chapter. I'm sure I don't have them all combed out yet, but it looks a heck of a lot tidier than it did. I could see that Treyan really did not come across sympathetically; I had not introduced him well. I'm not convinced it's anywhere near perfect yet, but at least it's not terminally embarrassing...

I have a reasonably firm grip on Khairdazh's government now, and how it works. I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that if they're going to be declaring war any day now, they need to be conscripting warriors. So I have that worked in, too. It's amazing how I can be completely blind to some of the most obvious things.

Nuumour's government has been harder to finalize. All I knew was that it wasn't based on a religious order. The government needs to be strong enough that it won't be ripe for a takeover, and it must be the government of one country only (ie, not part of an empire), even though they trade with a variety of other countries. I wish I could get a firmer idea of how other types of governments work, such as oligarchy: government by small group of privileged individuals. How is a leader chosen? Are they all equal? Is that like governing by committee? (Scary, huh?) And what kind of privileged? Knowing so many cool (for a novel!) kinds of government exist makes me really not want to settle for a typical fantasy kingdom. More mulling to do, and some internet research when I get the time.

It looks like I'm going to have some *real* duties in my new role as moderator at Forward Motion. Zette has tucked me in as an assistant on the Young Writer's Scene board, which is an entire FM in miniature for youth under 18, with restricted access only. There is an awful lot happening in there that I (and the other 6K plus members of FM) had no idea existed. Wow.

We're still having spring weather, but rumor has it that winter will be back soon. That's probably what all the calves are waiting for, to be born in a blizzard. Silly them.

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