Thursday, February 03, 2005

two steps back, three steps forward

THAT was productive. I opened up Tuesday's file in *False Perceptions* and remembered why brushing up the first three chapters sounded like such a good idea yesterday. I was stonewalled. Couldn't figure out how to write the scene I'd started. It appears that I can have the result from a different scene so, minus 200, plus 300 puts me a little in the black. It's still ugly. Why is this book driving me stark raving mad?

I'd have gotten further (I think) but a friend stopped by the store and visited for quite awhile with some tales of woe that actually affect me, too. So it was a tad difficult to just block it out and jump back into a stalled part of the book.

Couldn't get excited about the government of Nuumour, either, and filling in its missing parts. I'll have to come back to that. Instead, today I contemplated technology, transportation, and communication for the *Shann* novel. The world is starting to come together.

We caught another Rustle today. The score is snap-trap 3, bucket contraption 5.

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