Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wow! Busy day here in my little world!

Welcome to the folks from Faith in Fiction. You are most welcome here. Your ears must have been burning because I've been talking about you for a couple of days. I hope I only said nice things. :D

And thanks, Mar, for pointing out the obvious on the broken link to FiF's site. It now works. (Mar gets an aspirin for her sore wrists and another one to tuck in her vase, to keep her bouquet of roses fresher longer. Go Mar!)

Another scene in *False Perceptions* is out of the way at 1695 words. I decided to cut this council room scene in half. The first half is in the antagonist's pov, and he has wreaked quite a lot of havoc in it. The second half will be from Cae, the MC. Not that the bad guy has finished all he intends to lay out on the table, but the second half pertains more specifically to her personally, and I think I'd like to get her reactions to it from inside rather than outside. At least I know right where I'll be tomorrow morning when I pick it back up. With luck I'll finish the next two scenes and thus the chapter. They should be somewhat shorter. Maybe.

My afternoon seemed to fill up with crit circle emails circulating. It's amazing how many emails hit the inbox when you've got five people sending every response to each of the other four. Some of us are in the process of setting up a semi-casual crit group called Shekinah, for the purposes of helping each other with the nittygritty of writing Christian fantasy and science fiction. I don't think it will eat this much time once things are rolling. Except in spurts, of course.

As a result, I spent no time with Shann today. I'm sad about that, but tomorrow is another day. As far as I know... See you later!


Tina said...

Okay - I really need to get over to Faith In Fiction today. I tried yesterday but got side tracked. Don't worry - things will slow down once the circle is set up. Then'll we'll be much more organized!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the Faith in Fiction link and evaluation of it! I look forward to checking it out this weekend! It sounds absolutely tremendous!! :)