Monday, January 10, 2005

Writing moves aside...

for the afternoon, anyway. In the morning, I got 828 words on *False Perceptions* to finish the chapter I started yesterday. We're at the place in the book where momentum is building and it's too late to take anything back Soon everything will careen out of control. It will be fun. :D

And then Jim phoned and asked if I could take the afternoon off work. I love my bosses. (I think I've mentioned that before.) One of their wives covers for me when I need time off, and she was willing to work the afternoon. Jim and I came home and worked the cows. The bull needed separated out. He now spends three months by himself in the large corral, bored out of his skull. We feed him often to keep him fat and happy! We then moved the cows into a different pasture, and let out the two heifer calves that had been locked up in the smaller corral since October, to prevent them getting pregnant too young. We hauled a bunch of hay, re-arranged some pens, and Jim plowed the snow in front of the calving shed. We still need to give the cows their prenatal shots, hopefully this Saturday. It's a big relief to have the bull moved. He gets kind of antsy, and you never know how smoothly it will go. He was pretty good, all things considered. We are expecting our first calves in about two weeks. It was a nice sunny day to work outside, and only seven below freezing celsius.

When Jim went back out after coffee to do some of the things he didn't need help with, I hauled a stack of volumes of World Book to the kitchen table, looked up countries, and began to play with place names for my new little world. I have not yet chosen language groups to emulate, but I've opened up the possibilities tremendously. And I have a new (much longer!) list of town or place name endings. I know you've been desperately waiting to hear what I would come up with, so here we go(with examples): -ton (Hampton), -ov (Svishtov), -ow (Moscow), opolis (Ermoupolis), -burgh (Edinburgh), -abad (Hyderabad), -pur (Shahdadpur), -ganj (Kishorganj), -grad (Leningrad), -avik (Keflavik), -burg (Hamburg), -holm (Stockholm), -shire (Hampshire), -chester (Winchester). I could keep going on. The suffixes I mentioned had multiple names associated with them, so they seemed particularly apt. Of course, the main thing I learned was that if I chose two or three suffixes from similar language groups for each of the countries to build place names with, and throw in a couple of random names as well, I'll be onto something. I don't have to use suffixes that already exist, but I do want particular *feels*. Too much fantasy has a Celtic naming system. I love the Celtic names myself, and would easily slide into them if I wasn't paying careful attention, but they're overdone. (Do I get to keep *Shann*?!) And I also want to avoid basic English places like Westcastle. So that's why I'm playing with various language groups. I may go with Arabic, Slavic, Scandinavian, and/or Portuguese. I'm getting closer to a decision, now that I have some of my basic homework done. The next thing is to hunt down given names on the internet from those language groups, and see what jumps out to me with a little twist.

When I find the language group I want to use for my *good* country, I'll look for words in it that could help me to portray God. And I had a couple of good ideas for the religion itself after I crawled back in bed at three in the morning, and before I went back to sleep. I actually functioned pretty good today, all things considering (like less than five hours sleep.)


Marci said...

Hi Val - just clicked in here after reading your comments at FiF - or is it fIf :) ?
I'm a fantasy fan too - wrote two novels, the first of which almost got published about 10 years ago by Questar. Then the publisher switched directions or something and it's been in mothballs ever since, BUT - I'm planning to resurrect it after I've finished my WIP.
Are you aware of any Christian writers' groups in your area? Have you heard of Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship? I'm the president at the moment - I think we're Canada's best kept secret, but we do have about 200 members now and run 2 conferences - next one is in Calgary in April.
Must run. Nice to "meet" you! :)Marci

Katie Hart said...

Enjoyed reading your blog (found through Faith in Fiction). I'm also a big fan of Kathy Tyers and Karen Hancock, and I started a fantasy that I plan to get back to someday (my world's name for God happened to be Elyon - then Ted Dekker stole the name in his Black, Red, White series :) - oh well). I plan to come back often, if only to motivate myself to write more than a measly 500 words a day.

Valerie Comer said...

Nice to meet you, Marci! No, I'm not familiar with Inscribe. I'll have to google it and look it up. I live in a rural area, and there is no Christian writers group here that I've heard of. The internet has helped TONS with that, though! A conference in Calgary in April? More info?

Hi, Katie! I believe we've met once before over at Emily Snyder's site. Good to see you again, and glad that you're still writing! *Elyon*, that substantiates my theories about starting with a vowel, going five letters, and ending with an 'n', doesn't it!

Katie Hart said...

I knew I remembered you from somewhere (your cool job that enables you to get writing done while working was familiar, as well as the title of your first book) - just couldn't think of where! Glad to connect with you again!

Tina said...

You have to dish on your ideas for religion Val! I'm aching to know.

Karenee said...

Okay, you're prolific! I must check in on you every day, or I'm in for a lot of catching up.

I like your names for God theory. I used Morningstar in one of my teen works, then changed my mind for some reason...was it a Biblical title for Lucifer? Don't remember the specific reason why, but I still like the sound of it. Aiera's God will be called Everstar, I think.

Just let me know when you have something to read on this new and intriguing story. Oh, and let me know what the "published set" says when they respond. I'm curious. LOL

Love ya.