Thursday, February 17, 2005


Thanks, Mar, for the loan of your muse. The only reason she's helping me at all is because she heard there's a polar bear on her tail, and she's trying to stay ahead of it. I haven't bothered to tell her that Inuit is (mostly) harmless, because I'm not perfectly sure that's true, and because I'll take whatever momentum I can get, by whatever means it comes. She'll come back to you with a red furry dragon in tow. THAT ought to spark up your Victorian romance.

1893 words. Many of them are unlovely words. I wrote myself into a corner, ditched the chapter, and started with the next one (the last one, thankfully) that I DO know how to get through. At least I think I do. Guess I'll find out tomorrow, hey?

In other news, I had my ultrasound today, but won't get the results back until the 28th. I would just like to remind all my faithful readers what a true blessing it is to be able to pee when you need to. This business of drinking a quart of water and then waiting for an hour and a half, and THEN having somebody poke your belly for fifteen minutes is---not a nice business. We take much for granted each and every day, and this is one I'm going to remember to be thankful for for awhile. At least a few days.


Margaret said...

LOL, well, if Inuit is willing to stick around, you can have my muse chase you while she's being chased by the polar bear for another morning. I'm catching up on all the things I have to do before marathoning, but not there yet. If I'm lucky, I'll get to start this afternoon :).

Jean said...

So *that's* where she went after celebrating the Spurs victory on Bourbon Street! I'm afraid I've lost all control of that bear. She used to be so mellow, laying around the house here and complaining about not having a comfortable swimming pool. Now? I can only shake my head in dismay.

Glad she's helping.

Valerie Comer said...

Sorry, ladies. I lost both your muses. Last I saw them, they were on an ice floe in the Arctic. Inuit was fishing, but keeping an eye on Mar's gal, who looked awfully nervous. Do you suppose it was the Spurs Inuit was wearing? If I see them again, I'll send them home.

Jean said...

Well, if it was Anne_Marble's gal, I'd tell Inuit she should be worried. Mar's? I'm not too sure about that. Hope she likes seal, Mar.