Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Let's see...

After getting the gears from Mar and Jean about my whining about lack of writing, I decided to do some writing, so that I wouldn't have to whine about not doing it. Hey, it's perfectly logical, if you think about it.


You've thought about it and it doesn't work? Oh well. It works for me. And it's MY little world, after all.

It wasn't fun. I don't think my writing STINKS exactly this week, certainly isn't singing, either. I just want something crossed off my list, so I'm signing up for the word count marathon at FM and am shooting for 5-10K over the next two days. We'll see how THAT goes, LOL. Those little pips are SO fun to collect. I'm pretty sure 10K would see *Quest to be Queen*'s first draft completed. Which makes it a darn short novel, even so, but if I ever decide to do something with it, I'll worry about that later. This was my *just-for-fun nano novel*, remember. I'm not feeling obligated to ever deal with it again, if I don't feel like it. But at the same time I DO feel obligated to finish the draft. (Mantra--repeat after me: I will NOT allow unfinished novels to choke up my hard drive. I WILL finish what I start.)

Yeah, tell that to my muse. I bet she's enjoying a lovely vacation on some yacht in the Mediterranean. Were there not clauses in our contract that covered conditions like these? Like, if she gets to go, so do I? Sigh. Can you tell I really don't have anything to talk about on my blog today? Shall I just stop now? Okay.


Jean said...

Heavy sigh. (There's a lot of that going on lately; notice the trend.) My Bear is off being a groupie for the Spurs, and your muse is tooling around on yacht. Guess we just have to work without them. See the fun they're missing?

(But I have an apron waiting for when she gets back--just let her try on Martha Stuart's voice! That'll show her!)

Ruth said...

Yay Val! Go go go on the marathon!

Personally, I think mid-February is just a rough writing time. End of winter melancholy seems to set in.

Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Well, my muse is bored. She'd love to be off on a vacation because she sure isn't getting much of a workout here. I have too many other things to do before writing on my fun book :p.

So here, she's pretty hyperactive, but I'll let the two of you borrow her for a couple hours. You'll be grateful to get yours back after that. :p.

/me off to edit and crit...and if she's LUCKY, to write a word or two for the marathon.

Note: deleled the last try cause "I write English goodly." Really should have done that preview after all :p.