Monday, February 14, 2005

oh so tired...

I left work early on Friday to hop the bus for my sister's house for the weekend, and got back at 11:30 last night. We ate and slept the family memory album we are building for two and a half days, and I'm really really tired. I learned quite a lot about my mother's history, though, this weekend. She's 82, and managed fairly well with all the time she spent at my sis's with us. We did take a break Sunday morning long enough to go to church, and I thoroughly enjoyed popping in at the church we used to attend when we lived there ('95-'00). I'd like to bring Pastor Ron home with me! (meant in the nicest possible way...)

Today I was doing good to stay awake at work. I did complete a crit and get some paperwork done for my guys. I'm currently reading a very very odd book, called The Woman Who Laughed at God by Jonathan Kirsch. I thought it was a biblical novel about Sarah, and it isn't, not even a little bit. It is a critique of historical Judaism by a modern day secular Jew. At least I think that's a fair representation of the book. It's quite interesting, and sent me scurrying to my Bible on a number of occasions (Does it really say THAT?!) I guess that's not an all bad result!

Now it's time to get back in the groove. First I need to find the groove. Before that, I need to remember what the groove is. Right.

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