Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Riding the Wave

In case you're interested in what is riding the edge of current Christian fiction, check out today's post at Pat Loomis' blog: The Cutting Edge: Celebration of New Christian Fiction. I gave you a heads' up a few days ago that this carnival celebration was coming! She has links to nine different blogs of folks who are writing and re-defining the edge of Christian fiction. Some good articles out there, and more next month as well. Pat is planning for a monthly rotation of this celebration. Check it out!

In other news, my well-laid plans for getting an extra long night's sleep last night didn't exactly pan out. I did get to bed (almost) early enough, but Jim woke me after an hour because he needed help with a cow and calf. Now we have Calf #7, our third bull calf. I do feel more rested than I did yesterday, though, so I'm hoping for some words today... In yet other news, my ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday.

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