Friday, February 25, 2005

Some sort of progress

After today's inauspicious beginning, I tried to recreate Wednesday's words. Of course I couldn't do that, but I have no idea whether what I now have is better or worse than what I had before. And I never will know, will I? Sigh. I bet I wrote over 5K this week, and deleted more than half that many in order to get an improved word count for the week of MAYBE 2K. I'm having trouble keeping track, to be honest.

Cut off work early this afternoon because Jim had to drive to the next town over and pick up a snowmobile, and I decided to go with him. We got home kinda late, but it was fun to spend time together and talk in the truck.


Ruth said...

I think I missed downloading an entry--where you lost your words? I'll get the hang of this Palm system eventually though! Remember, even lost words count in your weekly word count though! :) A million words to publish? If emails and posts count, we're in business! Glad to hear Jim is back, and hope your mother feels better soon!

Valerie Comer said...

Hey Ruth, yes the words count for weekly count, but they sure didn't do much for seeing me get to the end of the chapter!