Monday, February 28, 2005

YAY for me!!

I just had to pop in here and congratulate myself for finally finishing first draft of chapter eight of *Quest to be Queen*. :) It came in at 9767 words, and even though it was a frustrating chapter to write in many ways, the bones are in there somewhere. So far the whole book is at 65939 words (including the start I made on chapter nine a couple of weeks ago when I wrote myself into a corner in chapter eight.) Yes, I know, another short first draft. That seems to be how I work. I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a publisher who wants 200-250K books. Maybe with practice I'll learn to think up big enough stories.

The weekend went well. The water system is purring like a kitten. All the cows are happy, and we've had no new babies for over a week. The weather remains unseasonably warm and dry. On Sunday afternoon Jim and I went for a long walk along the dikes by the lake. It was great to get out in the sunshine and hear the birds.

My mom is still at the guest house until tomorrow. She's not very happy about it all. I wish there were easy solutions.

Today we celebrate our son's 21st birthday. You may think that's an odd way to word it, but you see, he doesn't actually have a birthday this year, so we pretend when it is convenient. Only he's so far from home that convenience has nothing to do with it anyway. Happy birthday, Joel.

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Jean said...

Yay, Valerie! And happy, 5.25th birthday to Joel. My how tall he's grown. :)