Friday, March 25, 2005

AND...we're off :)

After completing the store pricing yesterday, which I see I forgot to mention then, I was able to get a good start to *Marks of Repentance* today.

I wrote online today, mostly with Mar when we both had time, and pulled Shann's story from zero words to 3902. I am SO tired...but it feels good. That first chapter is always tough, even though you know you can--you will--you MUST--revise it later. There's just so much that has to go in, and yet the last thing you need is an info-dump. Anyway, if it isn't written, it can't be revised. So at least I'm free of THAT problem, as the story is well under way by now.

Jim got a good start on building four drawers for the kitchen cabinets today. You don't even want to know how a person functions in a kitchen for YEARS without drawers at all. Okay, I did install a couple of wimpy wire basket ones we got for free a few years ago, but they hardly count. We do need a few more supplies we can pick up in the morning, and then he's back to the sawing and gluing and other fun stuff, and I'll see if there are more words in me wanting to come out.


Maripat said...

That's an awesome wordcount. Now if only Grady and Reggie would work better I'd be writing too.

Valerie Comer said...

Sympathies, Maripat. They're already butting heads, and you haven't even gotten them into the boxing ring yet? Good luck keeping THAT story on the right path! ;)

Jean said...

Good for you, Val! I was working on revision today, and this is my third time through this section.

I found myself observing, "How many consecutive sentences can I start with "And" anyway?" Sheesh. It's always something. Slash. Slash. Slash.

Since you've convinced me it's such a valuable teaching tool, I ordered "The Incredibles" today.

Go, Jim! Congrats on new drawers.

Valerie Comer said...

LOL Jean. Those *and* sentences should be easy enough to trim. Just get rid of the first word. And not the second one :)

*And* all in the name of writing. Go *Incredibles*!!!!

The drawers are going well, as is today's writing. I'll post later...

Ruth said...

It was fun to catch up on your week, reading the Blog.

Congratulations on having the first chapter of your new book done! For me, the first chapter is always the hardest also. Trying to get in the introductions to the main characters, plus any essential background, plus arranging to jump into an exciting part of the book and get the story rolling quickly, all at once, seems an incredible challenge to me. I know some people love to start new books, but I'm with you in feeling the first chapter to be the hardest one. Hope your arm continues to improve! :-)