Saturday, March 26, 2005

Of words and drawers

Ten o'clock in the evening, and I'm exhausted. For starters, some very nice person got the wrong number at 2:20 am, and was convinced for five minutes that they did, indeed want to talk to us. Jim hadn't been asleep long enough at that point, and neither of us found it easy to go back TO sleep. He had to be in town by seven thirty to help a friend move.

I could have gone back to sleep at that time, and I must admit I was very tempted to. But I'd kind of half made a deal with Mar last night for some more synchronized writing, so I rolled out of bed and hit the shower so I'd be ready for my writing stint. I got just over 2K over the morning write/run before Jim got home, and Mar had to head out for HER day, so I'm pleased with the effort.

For the rest of the day it's been back and forth between the computer and the drawer building expedition with one trip to town for 1/4" plywood (drawer bottoms) and screws thrown in for good measure. As a dual purpose day, it went very well. I added a further 1600ish words for a two day total of 7506. Taafa is just about to figure out that she said the wrong thing in front of the wrong person, and there will be only one way out if she wants to keep her skin intact. She's fond of her skin, but she's already thinking of ways to flip this situation and land on her feet. Her thoughts are pretty basic and are founded on how nice she thinks her skin is. Her writer's thoughts are much more devious. I happen to know it is going to take her another 100K or so to land on those aforementioned feet, and there will be times she very much regrets her impulsive words that triggered the mess. Oh, Shann? For some reason, he's been fairly willing to let ladies go first. Although he is certainly IN the story and has had several pov scenes, the bulk of the story so far has been from Taafa's pov. I think it will balance much more evenly once they officially meet in the scene after this one. At least, I think so.

At the moment there are four lovely plywood boxes on my kitchen table and countertop, drying from the first application of clear sealing finish. They have been carefully and lovingly built to fit into a particular section of lower *cabinetry*. One more clear coat, and it will (theoretically) be only a minor job to mount the drawer glides and my kitchen will be in business.

The next time you go in your kitchen and pull out your cutlery drawer to grab a spoon or fork, please think about what a wonder of technology such a drawer is. I have lived for four and a half years without one, and tomorrow some time I greatly look forward to sliding that drawer in and out, in and out. It is one of the many unsung pleasures of life, but it will take me awhile before I start taking it for granted. At least a week, I should think.

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Jean said...

I hope you're enjoying your "modern marvel" soon. I'm always amazed at the things we take for granted.

Incredible writing success the last couple days. Congratulations to both you and Mar.

Happy Easter!