Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Forward Ho!

One more calf yesterday; now we're up to 14 out of the expected 18. We haven't tagged this one yet, so don't know which gender the cutie-pie is. With the 13 we were at 7 heifers and 6 bulls.

Late last week (before my fight with the cow) I pulled a muscle or tendon in my left elbow. It's been causing a fair bit of pain when I try to lift anything with my left hand. (Thankfully it hasn't affected my typing comfort or speed.) Just in the past couple of days it's felt a little better so I tried Curves this morning, thinking that I might have to pass by one or two of the machines. Bad idea. Really bad idea, actually. That's all they'll see of me this week, I'm thinking. Hopefully by Monday it will have receded. The really odd thing is that I have no idea how I injured the elbow. I hate when that happens.

*False Perceptions* is zinging right along at over 2K today. And I might have been right. This might be the second last chapter after all. Suddenly things are getting more condensed, which may be an okay thing. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get first draft done this week. What a relief that will be. I'm looking forward to several FP-free months. After that I'll be in a better position to decide on the quality of the story.

Got one more crit out the door today, but there's still one in the line-up. This one doesn't have a rush on it, so I may leave it until next week. My main goal the rest of this week will be to get the 2ynovel done.

Not that I've remembered yet whatever it was in Shann plot points that I thought of late the other night. I'm trying really hard not to obsess about that. Grr.

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