Monday, March 28, 2005

More words!

It's been easier to justify all the writing I've done this weekend with the fact that it has been pouring cats and dogs. It certainly wasn't conducive to yard work or anything like that.

I believe this was the first Easter sunday in our history where we didn't go to church. Jim had been up til past one Saturday night finishing the drawer glides, which didn't want to run smoothly, and by Sunday morning we were so low on water in the cistern from two days of NOT hauling, that he had to get a load. It was the oddest feeling. In the meanwhile I put the second coat of sealer on the drawers and began the move-in. *Nice, happy drawers*. (We've got a stack of t&g pine that we plan to use for drawer fronts and doors, but that's the next phase. We need to lay in a supply of hinges and knobs before we go and get all carried away with that.)

Later in the afternoon we went over to one of Jim's sis's homes for dinner, which is always fun. At least that part was normal for Easter.

Today Jim went back to work, and I still had time off, so I hooked up with Mar and others writing online and went for words again. Over the four day weekend my novel has grown from zero words to over twelve thousand. March Madness is still on at Forward Motion till the end of the month, and I'm hoping to keep the daily average up for the next few days before being quite thankful for half that much, five days a week again. Meanwhile, I am comfortable in the story and am past the dreaded opening scenes and into the early middle. Yay me...

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