Thursday, April 21, 2005

moving forward at last

The past couple of days have been a struggle, fighting my way out of these plotting doldrums. Because I couldn't quite figure out the best approach, I went back to pricing work in the store on the new order guide that just arrived this week, allowing the sub-conscious time to mull over the worldbuilding and its repercussions.

The upshot was that I needed more detail on the religion of Taafa's country, Nuumour, than I had originally written up a couple of months ago when I was worldbuilding. Now things are starting to fall into place again. I've found the character and the subplot that will jump start this part of the story, and push forward the main plot at the same time. Not only that, but this addition sets the stage for a possible second book in Shann's world. I got a little over 2K forward motion on the story today, so I'm happy with what I got and especially happy to be moving again at all.

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Karenee said...

Hooray! Progress is good!