Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I managed over 1200 words today before giving up. I'm not necessarily expecting to get any words tomorrow either, as I'll be setting up a new fax/answering machine and making sure everything is ready for me to take a week off of work. And yesterday was a washout on account of online meetings regarding the Young Writer's Scene forums at Forward Motion. We did get the next few month's planned out for activities, challenges, and classes, so I guess I shouldn't call it a washout. But as far as my own work on the novel, it was a goner. Still, the chapter I completed today does have some decent stuff in it. The first part, as I mentioned the other day, is a bit too didactic, but today's part went better.

The options for a new water system for the farm are dwindling rapidly. Drilling a deep well is risky, but people in our area have been managing reasonably well lately. Until the neighbor who went down 450 feet and came up dry. And we've been officially been turned down by the local irrigation board because there are two households on our property (Jim's folks have a mobile here.) No matter that they live here legally, the irrigation board has their own rules. I guess I'll be hauling water with the truck for awhile yet. I could be more excited about that than I am! On the flip side the well or irrigation hookup would have cost over ten grand, so...we're richer...sort of... The last six weeks it has done little but rain, so at the moment water isn't an issue. Drier days, however, are coming.

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lindaruth said...

Maybe your rain migrated south. The last week or so, much of Kansas has been under a perpetual flood watch. And it's rained today and it's thundering even as I type. :)