Monday, June 06, 2005

The slide to *the end*

I've decided that this is the hardest part of a novel for me to write. It seems that it was just a few short months ago that I had TWO novels waiting for me to figure out how to control and write that *slide*. That was March. This is now. My outline is pretty much passe. Most of the rest of the story is sort of in my head, defying outlining. The characters have passed through the point of no return, and things are going to keep going from bad to worse, only faster now. The thing that is NOT faster is the writing. Just about 1300 words today, and they're not very good. I will certainly have some work to do in THIS section when I get back to revisions. But...the plot has advanced, the characters are moving towards the big confrontation, and I just can't deal with trying to interject the right balance of dialogue and active verbs and all the good stuff. Maybe these were scene outlines on a bit grander scale. I have no idea. It's just another one of those molasses patches to wade through. So, I guess I just need to dig out the hip waders and get on with it. I hope there's a pressure washer at the other end to clean the molasses off of the hip waders.


Jean said...

Keep wading. When you get to the other end, at least you'll have something to use the pressure washer on. And there will be a pressure washer--or some suitabe fascimile there when you need it. Of course, it might not LOOK like a pressure washer, but you'll find what you need.

Remember, you have the Bobcat to get you through the cow stuff. :)

Margaret said...

The only bad words are the ones that never make it to the page. And you may find, with a little distance, that these need a tweak rather than an overhaul anyway.

Good luck with this process.


Valerie Comer said...

Unfortunately, Jean, using the Bobcat was a perk from his FORMER job.

Jean said...