Saturday, July 16, 2005


Coalesce, according to Webster, means 'to grow or come together, fuse'. This definition describes Coalescent by Stephen Baxter on several levels. It is a science fiction novel, based on fourth century history (the decline and fall of the Roman empire in Britain). Baxter weaves a contemporary timeline with a fourth century one, which *coalesce* towards the end. It is an intriguing idea, writing a (partially) historical novel as a science fiction, but I found myself enjoying it. You may enjoy the read, yourself.

You may rightly ask if I've been reading the past few days instead of writing (to say nothing of blogging...) In fact, I have. I tend not to read a lot while I'm first drafting. It seems that at that stage, all my spare thoughts, of which I have but few, revolve around my own emerging story. Therefore I am now eyeing my To-Be-Read list with interest once again.

I *have* been working as well, though. I've read through about forty percent of False Perceptions so far, making notes in the margins of things I'll need to consider as I tackle the revisions head on. One thing I've noticed is a need for a calendar. I see some inconsistencies emerging there. Nothing critical to the plot, but I do need to decide just where in the over all scheme of things Cae's graduation lands, as it seems to change on whim.

And I've been critting Mar's novel. So far I've worked through the first three chapters of 29, so I'm on track to have the crit complete by the end of August.

On the home front, Jim's home for a few days. Yesterday he finished getting the bales picked up off of the neighbor's field. Today he plans to cut our own (smaller) field, and fix the truck, now that he's figured out why it's been tempermental starting. I get to mow the lawn! I've pawned the job off on a nephew the last couple of times, but I can't really afford to do that all the time. It takes a good two hours to mow, even on the rider.

The transition to Jim being gone four days out of eight is proving to be difficult for me. I'm not sure what the answer is, to be honest. There are still a lot of *pros* to the new job. If you, my dear reader, have a relationship with God, I would be thankful if you would pray for us sometimes, as you think of us. Thanks.


Jean said...

As someone all too familiar with spousal separation, I suspect any challenges you're facing are tied to the arrival and departure adjustments.

Alan and I go through it all the time--some times are more challenging than others, but we don't have to do it every four days.

The key seems to be both people recognizing it, talking about it, and finding ways you can each minimize the challenges that are difficult for you. You'll be in my prayers as you find your way. You guys have come this far in your lives together. You can do this, too.

Karenee said...

Big Hugs!!!

All I can say is I'll pray for you.

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks, guys. Jean, my low point was in the middle, when it seemed he'd have to work two more nights of overtime. It's like my brain was geared: *I can do four.* But when it looked like four MORE my brain came unglued. We had a long talk. It doesn't change the FACTS per se, but it does help.

Jean said...

Ah. For THOSE moments, console yourself with, "At least it isn't three or four months!"

From that perspective, four more days looks easy. :D

Valerie Comer said...

Yeah, I know. I'm a wuss. Part of it is how much I enjoy looking after the cows, too, though. But things *usually* look different in the cold light of day, too.

lindaruth said...

Prayers and hugs! We haven't had to do long separations in our 27 years together, but we've had stretches where our work schedules just didn't coincide very well. But you'll figure it out together, I'm sure.

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks Linda, I appreciate the hugs and prayers.

EJ said...

Got you covered on the prayer front! Been there, done that on spousal separation, too, but mine was mostly short-term. Boy, am I glad that chapter of our life is over! (She says as she budgets to send the spouse to a class in Chicago this fall...)

Valerie Comer said...

I guess you'd class ours as repetitive short term ;) We'll get the kinks ironed out of the system eventually. Thanks for stopping by, EJ.